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Here are most FAQ regardig KropDirectory services
Where I may list my business profile?
Frusidirectory Boston is a local directory, its a part of KropDirectories Network, we manage a big amount of local directories where you may choose to list your company's profile. Taking into account your business needs and goals you may choose the subscription plan which suits to you. Discover more about available directories by visiting our main website
What is the difference between subscription plans?
The most important difference between our subscription plans is the number of directories where your company's profile is enabled. Our offer range from the simplest single city listing, up to all directories owned by our network in United States.
Do you offer special / featured options?
Yes we offer featured options on request. Please contact our sales and express your business needs and we will check what we can do for you. Contact us for more details.
Is there a free trial available?
No. Unfortunately we do not offer free trials.
What happens when my plan expires?
When your plan expires your listing will become inactive. You however may renew or upgrade your listing plan at any time. If you need any help with that please contact our support.
Does subscription plans renew automatically?
Yes. Since listing benefits to your business are growing within a time and your business need a continual visibility of own services and business details, all of our subscription plans are auto-renewal on their natural expiration date.
However you need to keep updated your payment details in order our system may proccess the payment automatically.
You are free to cancel your subscription renewal at any time. If you have any doubt or need a help please contact our support.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription later?
Yes you may change your business plan subscription at any time. If you need more details or any kind of support with that, please contact our support.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Sure you can do it. If you need more details please contact our support.
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